I am an 18 Year old rapper and vocalist named CMILL444.  Crossing genres from R&B, Rock to Hip-Hop, I have a different sound of music that will catch the audience's ears!

I am unique because I promote happiness and positivity while others promote violence. With each song I spread a positive message that will make you think. All 17 songs on my album are Freestyles, I didn't write a single lyric down. When I enter the studio I always come in with a different mindset, a different feeling, a different message. I love to play with different flow patterns and try something new. My music is a mix of R&B, Hip-Hop and Rock. I don't classify myself as a rapper, but an Artist. Some of my inspirations are Juice WRLD, Rae Sremmurd, Green Day, Good Charlotte, Paramore and Lil Wayne. I love all different genres, no matter what other people think about it. My new album "High Off Life"  is already generating buzz about its groundbreaking tracks and unique sound. Listen now to find out why everyone in the music industry is talking about this new release. Love what you hear? Like, comment and share.